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We are all familiar with businesses using SMS for marketing. They come in forms of promotions, notifications, reminders and greetings. According to a survey done by OpenMarket, one of our favorite competitors (Hi there!), 76% of phone users would prefer texting over email, phone and social media to communicate with businesses.

People want more than to just receive messages from your business. They want to interact via SMS, not just talk to an extremely cheery yet emotionless sounding customer service representative on the phone. Because, SMS is faster, convenient and it’s on their own schedule.

Here’s a scenario which we’ve all dragged ourselves through….

You have some enquiries, and need to speak to customer service about that thing that has been bothering you.

So we first dial the hotline, take a deep breath and wait anxiously for the phone to get through. But then are greeted by a bloody robot voice response system 3.0, or whatever, that asks us to press a number from a menu of options.

“For English, please press 1, for Mandarin, please press 2” and so on, with the last menu option being, “If you would like to speak to our customer service officer, please press 9”. Leading us to some hope… ‘’Please hold while I transfer your call”.

And before we even get to speak to a living person, we are greeted with another damn robot, “All our customer service representatives are currently busy attending to others, please continue to hold on for the next available….”

And there we go, a human finally picks up, “This is Hayley, how may I help you?”

Let’s just hope that reception is good and that we’re not disconnected…

But, what if that company decided to use two-ways SMS for customer service?

Suddenly, customers can simply send in whatever enquiries they have via SMS. Just as if texting our friends, and get a reply within moments. This ability to simply text is the convenience factor which every customer finds comfort in. Drop a text message to the business, get a reply. Done.

Now, what if you were the one running the business and wanted to have an SMS Customer Service System?

SmsBox gets you set up within moments. Enough said.

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