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SingPost Marketing Service

SingPost Advertising for Business

With SingPost, you can advertise your business to over 1.3 million local Singaporean households with direct mail.


Option 1:
Advertising with SingPost

Admail is a mail drop service that delivers your marketing and promotional messages direct to households in Singapore.

This marketing strategy allows you to bring your products and services to consumers island-wide via direct mail. Your advertisements will be delivered in full-color printouts.


SingPost has 2 delivery methods:

1. Admail
a cost-effective unaddressed mail drop service used for lead generation.
2. HomeDirect
A semi-addressed direct marketing solution whereby your tailored messages are delivered to relevant households.
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Target Key Sectors or Dwelling Types


  1. By Sector
  • Sector is the first 2 digits of our 6 digit postal code.
  • eg: 520865 (52 is the sector code)
  • You can select multiple sectors to blast.
  1. By Dwelling type:
  • HDB
  • Condo / Private / Landed properties
    (Only available for SingPost)
  • Commercial buildings
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long does Admail flyer distribution take?

    • Peak-period distribution time: 10 working days
    • Non-peak-period distribution time: 5 working days

    Q: How long does HomeDirect flyer distribution take?

    • Peak-period distribution time: 5 working days
    • Non-peak-period distribution time: 3 working days