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FMCG Contest System

It’s vital to stand out in the FMCG industry because the competition is relentless. SMS contests let your brand delight customers with attractive prizes and offer even more reasons to choose your brand over the competition. Launch SMS, WhatsApp or Web contests and lucky draws with a proven system that helps boost sales and nurture loyal brand ambassadors. That is why 70% of all FMCG brands choose SmsDome to hold their contests.

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The Benefits of Customer Engagement

By engaging existing and new customers with fun and compelling prizes, your business establishes an edge over other competing brands by offering consumers incentives to choose your products. Use SMS, WhatsApp and Online Lucky Draws to:

  • Nurture loyal customers
  • Launch viral campaigns
  • Build awareness for new products
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The 3  Contests Objectives

Using WhatsApp, SMS or Web contests to achieve 3 different business goals.

1. Build awareness for brand / new products
Buy any {brand product} and stand a chance to win…

2. Increase social media engagement
Like our page to stand a chance to win…

3. Increase average transaction
Spend a minimum of $20 to qualify…


Export Contest Data in a Flash!

Managing hundreds of contest entries can be time-consuming and is prone to errors. Export participant data quickly with zero-latency through our SMS contest system, at a click of a button. And just as every service we provide, you receive 24 hour round-the-clock support!

  • Zero-lag for large data exports
  • Customisable field formats
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24-hour IT support

The Advantages of Launching SMS Contests

Visual Appeal

Attract SMS contest participants with vibrant artwork that makes an impression with consumers.


Launch SMS contests easily by setting contest mechanics, and let the system randomly pick winners for you.

Cost Effective

Contests can be launched online, businesses need not nessesarily spend on advertising on print and media.

A Myriad of Marketing Variations For You

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the participation rate businesses can expect?
A: Participation rate depends on 4 main factors

  • Life span of product
    Shorter lifespan products tend to be more frequently purchased, giving more exposure to the contest.
  • Exposure
    The more channels the SMS contest artwork is displayed, the more reach it gets, leading to a higher participation rate.
  • Prices
    Affordable products and minimal purchases gives consumers more reasons to try new products and to enter lucky draws.
  • Prizes
    Finally, the more attractive the prizes are, the more consumers are inclined to participate.

Q: What types of SMS contest mechanics are most used by businesses?
A: Here are some of the most popular types of SMS contests.

  • Multiplier
    (every x amount spend = 1 chance)
  • Quiz
    (Guess the correct answer)
  • Minimum purchase
    (Minimum purchase of $x or x packs to participate)
  • First come first serve
    (First x number gets a discount)
  • Instant win
    (Scratch card with unique code – sms in and know what you win immediately)
  • Multi-channel
    (Sms, FB, Online)