Targeted Mobile Marketing Services

Reach your target demographics via SMS, MMS & Email


"Check out these Programs for Your Kids!"

Advertise to 100,000 Applecrumby Online Shoppers


"Spring Summer Sale, Up to 40% OFF!"

Broadcast visual marketing messages with animated gifs


Market to Singapore's Parent Communities

Connect your business to Parents with Children under the age of 16 years old


"Click Here to Buy Now..."

Touch-points and Call-to-action in the most direct way possible - Instant messaging


"StarHub: Check Out These Great Deals!"

Let StarHub Bring Your Business to their Subscribers - Direct Marketing for Your Business.


"Group Travel Deals to Korea!..."

Send vibrant and information-rich EDMs to your target demographics


Advertise to 230,000 Singpost SAM Members

Mass Banner Displays & eDM Blasts to the SAM Database.


"1-for-1 meal offer! 5 mins walk away..."

Advertise directly to crowds in your targeted Buildings & Locations


"SingTel: Learn About Our Our Partner's Offer!"

Let SingTel Recommend Your Business to their Subscribers - Direct Marketing for your Business.


"Dear Business Owner, we have just the offer for you..."

Advertise Directly to Business Owners, Property Agents and Home Owners.


Advertise to 12 Million DIGI Subscribers!

Reach out to Malaysian Shoppers from across the causeway

What is Database Marketing?

Quality Business Leads with the right Consumer-pools

Database Marketing allows you to buy and acquire leads for your business via massive networks of the most accurate consumer registries in the industry. Create touch-points with your target demographics with broadcasts to eligible consumer-pools. Your business only pays to acquire leads that fit your definition of a paying customer.

Choose between SMS, MMS or Email.

Filter by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnic Group
  • Income Level
  • Housing Type
  • District
  • And much more!
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Get Leads from Networks Relevant to Your Business

Deliver by:
  • SMS
  • MMS
Database size: ~9,000,000
Countries: Malaysia
Database: Subscribers
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Deliver by:
Database size: ~500,000
Countries: Singapore
Database: Subscribers

3 Mobile Marketing Delivery Modes

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SMS Advertising

Your messages delivered in tidbit sizes. You enjoy an open rate of 90% within 3 minutes. Get quick responses in a short & sweet message. More >

Recommended for creating Touchpoints:
  • Birthday marketing
  • Member updates
  • Event Reminders
  • Ask for feedback
  • Meal time promotions
  • Learn more >>>


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MMS Advertising

Want thousands of eyes on your brand instantly? A Picture is worth a thousand words with MMS marketing – Your links are clickable too! More >

Recommended for these industries:


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Email Advertising

Do you want to deliver your links & images with loads of information? Reach out to networks of your target audience via email. More >

Recommended marketing purposes:
  • Event fact sheet & information
  • Festive marketing
  • Shopping cart reminders
  • Product & service information
  • Referral campaigns
  • Learn more >>>