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Data Cleaning Service

DNC Check & Number Look-up Service

With the ever changing and updating of privacy laws, it’s imperative for businesses to only create touch-points with consumers who are receptive to promotional content. And that is why it’s important to ensure that the list you market to is clear of DNC registered contacts.

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1. DNC Check: Remove DNC registered numbers

National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry: Launched on 2nd January 2014. DNC indicates that databases collected without consent will have to be verified against the registry. SMS can be sent only if:

  • The number is not in the DNC registry
  • Consent to be contacted is granted

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA): Launched on 2nd July 2014 – The PDPA allows individuals to register their Singapore telephone numbers, to opt out of receiving marketing phone calls, text messages and faxes from organizations.

  • Remove DNC registered contacts from your list
  • $0.015 per entry

2. Number Look-up: Removes numbers that are not in use


Number Lookup is a value-added service to check the validity of the contact numbers in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia. When you submit a list of contact numbers to be checked, inactive numbers will be marked as invalid in the report; the availability and network provider will also be indicated.

  • Number data
  • Availability (Valid/invalid)
  • Network provider (SingTel/M1/Starhub)

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