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Once upon a time, people thought that there was always a perfect way to do something. We could easily say the same when it comes to marketing a business..

Aren’t we all looking for the perfect way to increase sales or to sell a product/service?

Today, we’d like to democratize the way everyone thinks about marketing – and put forth that there is no perfect marketing method, only perfect marketing methods.

Hold on a minute… We know how peculiar this sounds, but let us explain…

Let’s say you are a company selling infant products, the last thing you would do is to market it on the men’s health magazine with a 2 million readership. That’s because they are simply not your target audience, no matter how big the audience.

How about the other side of the room, let’s look at the ever so hot-selling SMS contests.

Many of the retail and FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) industry such as Watsons, Carlsberg, and Marigold love using SMS contests as a way to market their products.

Because by spending a minimum sum of money (let’s say $15), customers get a chance to win prizes.

And isn’t it a win-win situation for both parties? I mean they don’t just perk up their marketing with fun contests for customers to enjoy, but also increases the average purchase value. This for instance, works really well for them, but it may not necessarily work for an industry like…. property. Unless of course people are going to win a condominium.

Now that we have explored both sides of the room, let’s take quick peep outside for a moment…

The ubiquitous Banner Advertisement…

Do you know the chance of people clicking on those is lower than the chance of people getting struck by lightning? That means…. Out of literally thousands of people, only 1 clicks on it (accidentally).

Blog - image - There is no perfect marketing method - 1

2 men struck by lightning and yet no banner clicks

However, does it mean that ads banners are useless and ineffective?

Can it ever be perfect for anything?

Well if you think that they are somewhat of a white elephant, we beg to differ! We find it’s good for increasing awareness despite the low click rates. I mean, that’s exactly because you don’t need people to click on them; just allowing your logo to appear regularly, and to gradually become familiar to the public would suffice.

And speaking about perfect marketing methods…

How about targeted SMS marketing?

Have you wondered what it’s perfect for? You see…. there is simply no other way for marketers to get people reading their messages within 3 minutes of delivery.

And because of this, we know exactly what it can be suited for.

It hits the sweet spot for businesses who would like to start somewhere building brand loyalty…

So, if you are looking for that, why not start somewhere with the highest open rates? ­

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