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Turn up rates have always been quite the challenge when organizing any form of event.

Ask any event organizer what their hugest challenges are when filling up a room – and you’ll quickly hear about turn-up rates within the first two sentences. Often delivered with slight vexation in their voice. And rightfully so – the challenges are real as can be.

This is because there’s always going to be something more important, some issue more urgent, or heck! Even some activity more convenient to head towards to (instead) on that particular day. Unless of course we’re talking about a Guns N’ Roses or… a CNBLUE world tour – But sadly, we don’t always have Axel Rose’s legendary vocals… or Jung Yong Hwa’s ummm… very targeted appeal to guarantee an event filled to the brim.

Because of this, event organizers often find themselves having to resort to last minute eDM blasts to databases which have the slightest relevance to the theme of their fast approaching event – just to bump up the number of attendees.

The down side of blasting non-targeted eDMS – other than its soul-crushing, demoralizing open rate? Probably IS the seemingly huge amount of effort for little results. The designing, the countless test-sends and additions of details.. and then more test-sends.

But what if we were to turn this around? Can the case ever be: little effort with HUGE results?

Yes. And if you’ve guessed the mighty little SMS, that’s really just part of the whole story. The real driving force behind all this is how SMS bypasses all spam filters, every single ad-blocker and plants itself right into the hands of your audience in a straight-to-the-point 160 characters.

Because, Like it or not…

SMS is read within 3 minutes of delivery. This makes event reminders ‘LIVE’. Audiences can be reminded at specific moments before the event. Specifically, reminded of what they’ll be missing out on, and the opportunities that they’ll never see again.

And like it or not…

SMS has an open rate of 90%. Event organizers can reach out to a large bulk of people who have agreed to attend the event, and deliver refer-a-friend promotions, without cracking their brains about when is the best time to send emails for the best open rates… You know what I mean.

Instant communication, easy to execute promotions.

But wait, there’s more…

SMS also allows for audiences to chat on a LIVE screen on stage, turning the event into a chat room – Imagine what that does for energy levels in a room when people with common interests start interacting?

And after the event has ended, instant feedback and testimonials can be garnered with a single message. Followed by a nice little invitation to the next event while impressions are fresh, and spirits are high.

This way, you get results from effective communications, without relying on the super stardom of that keynote speaker.

So if you are considering a multitude of strategies to improve how your event (and the one after it) will turn out the next time… We hope you will consider our good services. Because our services are practically created to cater to events.

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