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Have you asked yourself a question like ‘Why do you buy stuff?

There is a secret process in between learning about a product and finally having it in your own possession.

Think about it! Did you ever stop to question why people buy your products or services? I doubt so. Most people are probably too busy counting their profits and balancing sheets.

But in order to get more profits, you have to understand what causes that little excitement that you get just at the point of saying ‘yes, swipe my card please’.

Now, take a look at buying rather than selling. Would you rather know how to sell, or would you rather know why people buy? The latter one of course!

Buying can be a great fun… That is why it is called retail therapy. But most people always forget this, and they just focus on the sales processes. That’s the problem – it deters people. It does the opposite of what you do not want.

The first step to know why people buy your product or service is to ask questions. Have the right questions to ask! It can be more powerful for you than having the right answers.

Besides sending out marketing promotions and reminders with SmsBox, you can get feedback (or stories) from your customers!

Ask them why they bought your product or service. You’d be surprised at the reasons you are going to get. I bet the stories you would get from them are going to be great information to share with your future prospects. It’s going to lead you to a lifetime of sales.

So, start asking your customers with our two-ways SMS! You can have a two-way conversation, just like any normal SMS conversation with your customers. Because the best businesses don’t just talk, they listen!

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