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Which Database is for Me?

Every business has its target demographics and it’s vital to be able to reach out to the right networks.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Are all databases DNC checked?
    A: Yes, before we broadcast your message to your target audience, the database is checked for DNC listed numbers beforehand. All DNC registered entries are removed.

    Q: Where is the data on Home and Business owners from (Amicus)?
    A: Homeowner data is extracted from caveats – legal documents lodged with the Singapore Land Authority. Business owner data stems from ACRA business registries.

    Q: If I have a store/outlet at Takashimaya, will I be able to reach people at Wisma Atria (SingTel)?
    A: Yes, with Location-Based Advertising, you may target 5 -10 locations within 1 broadcast. If one of the locations you are targeting is Wisma Atria, Singtel users that are within the vicinity (of 5-10 meters radius) will receive the SMS. You can have your broadcast distributed evenly over 5 days.