1. Database Marketing

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SmsDome’s signature service: Database Marketing ensures that anyone receiving your messages fits the right criteria for your business. Target specific demographics by their:

  • Age / Gender / Income / Housing Type
  • Hobbies / Interests and much more

Advertise to a high concentration of potential customers via:

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Email

Learn more about Database Marketing here.

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Our  Database Partners are companies we work with that hold large deposits of user data.

That is why whenever we welcome a Database Partner onboard, their network of opt-in subscribers, followers or fans becomes accessible for you to market to.

And because companies have followers with common interests, you can identify databases which are relevant in the most ways to your market – the same way Schools can appeal for more enrollments to subscribers of a parent discussion board.

Listed below are our Database partners with categories of audiences you can market to.
Click here to see all demographics.

Phone Subscribers
  • SingTel
  • StarHub
Parents with Kids
  • Applecrumby & Fish
  • Kiasu Parents
Deal  Seekers
  • Scryp
  • Sample Store
Delivery Services
  • SingPost
Movie Goers
  • Popcorn
Property/biz Owners
  • Amicus
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Location based Advertising allows you to broadcast your message to targeted profiles at specific places. With a broadcast radius is 5 – 10 meters, SingTel users within this range of your target area will receive your marketing message.

Commonly used for:

  • Meal-time discounts for lunch & dinner crowds
  • Coffee promotions during lunch hours
  • Notifications of nearby IT / food / game expos
  • Seminars and trade shows announcements
  • Flash sales for retail stores and pushcarts

Learn more about LBA here.

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2. Branding Campaigns

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Generate brand awareness by launching  branding campaigns via our curated channels. Nurture familiarity with mass audiences by having your brand name introduced by authorities in their industries, or via seasonal channels for festive sales, eg:

  • Yearly Mooncake offers Newsletter
  • Great Singapore Sale Newsletter
  • Product/service/food reviews

Bolster the effectiveness of your existing marketing campaigns by increasing out-of-home visibility, or generating buzz in our influencer’s social media networks.

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Internet Influencers serve as reviewers for everyday consumers, giving us a comprehensive glimpse into the features and benefits of products, services and places.

Having your brand featured on vlogs, and trending on social media is an available marketing tool for you. Bring your business to networks of consumers through personalities they know, like and trust. Immediately pique curiosity, ignite buying decisions and attract crowds.

Let our Influencers bring your business to their networks today. Appeal to crowds of consumer-pools via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

See more about Influencer Marketing here.

Health & Fitness
  • Amos (7,200)
  • Willie (32,500)
  • Chloe (12,200)
  • Xiang Ting (8,800)
  • Gary (17,200)
  • Flora (72,000)
  • Sydney (35,100)
  • Isabelle (2290)
  • Renzee (25,000)
  • Gerlyn (2,800)
  • E-Ling (8,700)
  • Celine (33,900)
  • Amanda K. (17,800)
  • Kayla (14,700)
  • Joanna S. (58,600)
  • Jeslyn (2,600)
  • Clara S. (6,500)
  • Siti (3,100)
  • Angeline (20,400)
  • Holly (3,200)
  • Jacelyn (8,970)
  • Jones (1,900)
  • Anisa (56,600)
  • Elaine (18,800)
  • Veronica (3,600)
  • Deenise (5,100)
  • Amanda K. (14,900)
  • Kenny (13,300)
  • Kai Ting (21,800)
  • Jonathan (6,500)
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Bus Ads places your marketing message on moving vehicles, transforming them into literal moving billboards. This is a highly tangible medium for reaching out to audience of all ages, backgrounds and income levels. You are not just addressing people waiting at bus stops with these moving ads, you are seizing the attention of:

  • Families units
  • White collared workers in their vehicles
  • Students who are commuting or hanging out
  • Tourists navigating around town

Lear more about Bus Ads here.

Available Campaigns

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Bus Advertisements

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3. Contest System

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Lucky draw contests introduces fun elements in your marketing initiatives. It can be configured with your objective in mind.

  • Increase average transaction:
    Buy a minimum of $15 to stand a chance to win…
  • Promote new products:
    Purchase $5 worth of Asian Drinks in a single receipt to participate…
  • Live voting polls
    Vote for your favorite idol and stand to win …

Launch island wide lucky draws that are easy for the public to participate;  engage new and existing customers with attractive prizes and generate buzz over social media networks.

See more contest examples here.

Example Artwork
Artwork showcasing the contest details are produced and prints are displayed at locations such as: websites, stores, packaging, etc.
Call-to-action (CTA) are displayed prominently on artwork: “Purchase $5 worth of…. Stand a chance to win…”
By offering attractive prizes, you are able to: – Build a list to market to – Engage new and existing customers – Expand market reach – Retain more customers
Example Online Form
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Example Contest Reporting
Image - Example contest report - 1
Image - Redemption services - 1

This Redemption Service is for businesses that run contests and require assistance for prize redemptions. The service manages:

  • Contacting of winners upon confirmation
  • Performing required tasks upon redemptions
  • Photo taking
  • I/C photocopying
  • Acknowledgment signature
  • Mailing back of documents to organizers

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4. SMS Blasting Solution

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With SmsBox, you are provided with a user-friendly online SMS System, bundled with unique features to enhance all your client communications & marketing initiatives.

  • Template Storage:
    Store templates for quick message composition
  • Easy List Management:
    Store and organize multiple lists of contacts
  • Personalize messages:
    Send mass personalized SMS messages

Enhance Your Customer Communications with a Business Solution approved even for government agency use.

Learn more about SmsBox here.

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Manage and sort through your SMS campaigns in the Campaigns section
Campaigns at a Glance
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Organize your contact lists, and segment databases in the contacts section
Organize Contact Lists
Icon - SmsBox_templates - 1
Store your templates for quick message composition – useful for pre-loaded festive greetings
Ready-to-use Templates
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Address your recipients with personalize-able SMS messages for that personnal touch
Customize your Sender ID anytime
Smart Composer
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SmsBox also manages unsubscriptions for you with it’s auto-blacklist feature, this feature ensures that your SMS broadcasts only reach the correct crowds of people.

When someone unsubscribes via SMS, the number is automatically recorded in the blacklist, and the system ensures that they will no longer be included in broadcasts.

Black List Deactivation Option: You can also disable the automation removal of blacklisted numbers while creating your SMS campaign.

Claim Your Free Trial

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5. List Cleaning

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Our List Cleaning services covers 2 aspects of maintaining a clean list.

  • DNC Check
    Removes all DNC registered numbers
  • Number Lookup
    Removes all numbers which are not-in-use

It’s vital to keep a well-maintained list of contacts. This way, marketing cents are only spent on reaching out to valid contact numbers. Cleaning your list every beginning, or end of the year will be sufficient.

Image - Business DNC check services - 1

1. National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

Launched on 2nd January 2014. DNC indicates that databases collected without consent will have to be verified against the registry. SMS can be sent only if:

  • The number is not in the DNC registry
  • Consent to be contacted is granted

2. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Launched on 2nd July 2014 – The PDPA provides for the establishment of a national Do Not Call (DNC) Registry.It allows individuals to register their Singapore telephone numbers, to opt out of receiving marketing phone calls, text messages and faxes from organizations.

  • Remove DNC registered contacts from your list
  • $0.015 per entry
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Number Lookup is a value-added service to check the validity of the contact numbers in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia

When you submit a list of contact numbers to be checked via Number Lookup, inactive numbers will be indicated as (invalid) in the Number Lookup report. The number data, along with availability and network provider will be indicated in your Number Lookup report.


  • Number data
  • Availability (Valid/invalid)
  • Network provider (SingTel/M1/Starhub)

Uncertain if you need a list check? Ask us

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6. API Solutions

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API allows one piece of software to communicate with another. This allows multiple processes to be automated.

For example, it’s similar to having a worker (the API) monitor your appointment scheduling program (the system) for appointments (the request) and then sending SMS reminders (the response) to the people involved.

API allows your Appointment scheduler and SMS broadcaster to communicate with one another, so that the SMS broadcaster knows when to trigger reminders automatically – making the user experience more seamless.

Learn more here.

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The most commonly used API is a REpresentational State Transfer or REST API for short. Google, Facebook and YouTube all use REST APIs to allow third parties to access their systems to perform requests.

Here are the standard types of requests:

  • Get: a method to read or retrieve data from a system (eg: a google map search)
  • Post: a method to create new data in a system (eg: SMS reminders for appointments)
  • Put: a method to update/replace existing data in a system (eg: Posting a blog post)
  • Patch: a method to update/modify existing data in a system (eg: Updating a blog post)
  • Delete: a method to delete data in a system (eg: Deleting multiple entries in data)

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