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“…break down skepticism and unfamiliarity in order to seize the brand loyalty”…

Wars are many battles where the raiders try to break down the defenders in order to seize control over them.

Marketing is much similar, it employs strategies to break down (skepticism and unfamiliarity) in order to seize the (brand loyalty) of consumers over competitors – this leads to a larger market share. But often so, businesses do not employ enough methods to nurture rapport with audiences effectively.

Take this for example:

“This added efficacy advances the reach of email alone.”

Emails have an open rate of about 8%, out of which 12.5% of the receivers answer the call-to-action. So for every 1000 emails sent, 10 recipients make it to the landing page. Quite a good start already, and to boost results SMS or MMS can be added into the arsenal.

You see, SMS has an open rate of 98% and about 6-8 clicks per message. This added efficacy advances the reach of email alone.

This is not to say that email marketing alone is not effective, while it plays a major role in creating touchpoints with your audience. The big picture should encompass multiple approaches to achieve proper effective frequency.

Simply put, receiving a promotion from the same company via SMS, MMS, and then email is much better than receiving it multiple times via email alone – simply because the latter starts to seem repetitive after its second iteration.

“Imagine wanting to lay siege on the enemy with land forces alone”

We also need to understand what communication platform works best for what purposes. For broadcasting reminders or promotional messages, SMS is most fitting. With only 160 characters per SMS, messages are concise like snipers.

And when your SMS broadcast has shot its point across, MMS backs it up with yet another barrage of images and animated GIFs to fully push your marketing message across. A picture paints a thousand words, with MMS you can include another thousand character message with your image.

Imagine wanting to lay siege on the enemy with land forces alone. What would the outcome be? Surely by encompassing the combined powers of the land, air, and sea forces makes for a more well-rounded strategy. Wouldn’t you say?

It’s all about dividing and conquering to be triumphant. Just like war, swift decisive battles are won because of the optimal utilization of resources available.

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