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One thing to understand about crafting an SMS which sells is that we are attempting to create an impression with a large number of people. People like you and I, who are off and about with our days, and are most probably not interested in learning about Forex trading or the latest jungle-themed condo in a moment’s notice.

And while it’s imperative to state our offer quickly and clearly, the true objective (and this is important) is to make a memorable impression. Only this way, we are able to nurture a future sale effectively.

Seeing that most SMS we get are largely irrelevant to our interests, our bullshit detectors naturally go on high alert when receiving one. That’s why targeting the right demographics is so vital for advertisers. Similar to how the best story-tellers can only move crowds that speak the same language – sales conversions can only happen when crowds receive a befitting offer. (See types of targeting here)

Now, just imagine for a moment that you’ve just received an SMS without prior context… Notice that there’s only but a fleeting moment for the SMS to pique curiosity, arouse interest and to finally register in the mind.

Today, you’ll discover how to craft a successful SMS message that does just that by satisfying 3 criteria.

And fret not, these 3 requirements can be presented in plenty of ways, so as long as you stick to the guidelines, you will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns. Not to mention your other campaigns, which when combined with SMS can garner extra chunks of conversions and sales.

The 3 criteria for an effective marketing SMS message:

  1. Convey the advertiser’s message clearly
  2. Appeal to the interests of the recipient
  3. Have a clear CTA to your marketing objective

An example would look like this:

From: JuWonsKitchen
JuWons Korean Food Delivery
Kimchi Stew family set: $24
View menu here
Order now at to enjoy $8 off today!
<UN to XXX to unsub>

 1. Convey the advertiser’s message clearly

  • The brand “JuWonsKitchen” presented as the Sender ID identifies the business.
  • The type of service “Korean Food Delivery” is announced prominently in the first line, where it would most probably be read.

2. Appeal to the interests of the recipient

  • The message highlights an attractively priced food item, “Kimchi Stew family set: $24”  setting the precedent that affordable food is available.
  • The “View menu here” link provides the recipient with the added convenience of a straightforward way to access the menu.
  • enjoy $8 off today!” provide more reason to take up the offer.

3. Have a clear marketing objective

  • View menu here” and “Order now at” serves as a clear call-to-actions.



To sum it up, we managed to

  • Display the Brand name
  • Indicate the service offered
  • Highlight an attractive menu item
  • Provide an easy-to-access online menu
  • Conclude with a discount offer

Not bad for less than 160 characters including spaces eh?

Lastly, be sure to manage your expectations too. SMS broadcasts lets your business reach out to thousands upon thousands of qualified business leads.

But if you expect immediate conversions, you have it all wrong. Understand that SMS marketing works by providing a huge pool of consumers the option of using your product or service. And even though conversions don’t happen immediately, your broadcast today can be responsible for plenty of sales in the following weeks, or even months. Simply because you made your product or service a visible option.

Recipients won’t instantly become interested in a Korean food delivery service, unless they are hungry, and that the idea of Korean cuisine sounds appealing for their situation at that moment. (That’s why F&B establishments strategically send meal offers before meal times!)

Remember, a good marketing message isn’t a good marketing message if it has to be explained, let alone justified, and the same goes for many sorts of similar allusions – being clear and concise in presenting your brand and service makes it possible to pique curiosity and elicit buying responses down the road.

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