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Touch-points and Call-to-action in the most direct way possible - Instant messaging

Database Marketing:

SMS (Blast Broadcast) Advertising

Have your marketing communications right-on-point with high-speed bulk SMS blasts to your selected consumer pools.

Include your:

  • Clickable links
  • Call-to-actions
  • Social media links
  • Registration pages
  • And much more!
Cascade - SMS Advertising - 3
Cascade - SMS Advertising - 2
Cascade - SMS Advertising - 1

High Open Rates

Text messages are opened within moments of delivery. If you want your messages to be read, this is the mass SMS service your business needs.

Quick Deliverability

This is how you send bulk SMS the fastest way. Reach your targeted prospects at the best time frames and get your message directly into their hands, instantly.

Internet Not Required

Even if there is no Internet and WiFi connections, you can still send and receive messages via the ever-active mobile network. Virtually anytime, anywhere.


SMS is a direct connection to your customer base with zero barriers. That is why even the Medical industry relies on it for relaying vital information.

Environmentally Friendly

Send messages to your customer base in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner by reducing your carbon footprint and going digital.

Cost Effective

This bulk SMS service is cost effective and has high conversion rates. You get to spend any given time based on your budget and message requirements.

Enjoy The Highest % Open Rate

90% of text messages are open and read within 3 minutes of delivery. Enhance your marketing by creating additional touchpoints with customers in the most direct way possible.

SMS marketing bolsters the effectiveness of all your existing marketing campaigns by working as a notice, reminder and call-to-action at the same time.

Icon - SMS advertising highest open rate - 1

Available Opt-in Networks (DNC Cleared)

Deliver by:
  • SMS
  • MMS
Database size: ~9,000,000
Countries: Malaysia
Database: Subscribers
Database partner - Amicus - 1
Deliver by:
Database size: ~500,000
Countries: Singapore
Database: Subscribers

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