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Now as you know, SmsDome has recently expanded into the Malaysia SMS marketing industry. And during one of the visits to our headquarters there, I got a brochure from an unusually enthusiastic car salesperson from a neighbouring business.

This really got me thinking, if you think a brochure, email or SMS will lead to a tsunami of sales magically, think again!

Think back to that time when you received a brochure about…hmmm… let’s say cars. A brochure about cars inviting you to their showroom. Something about this brochure ‘spoke to you’ and before you know it you find yourself headed down to a showroom to take a quick gander at those “great for visibility, slender roof pillared car models”.

After viewing and testing out one of those flashy cars, you leave the showroom and go into the far-off land of ‘I’ll be back’…

Car dealers wished that everyone who said that to them would really do what they say. But of course, not so quick. There are a couple of hurdles to jump over before that happens.

You see, every step of a sales process has its own unique job. Each stage has an agent that ushers us to the next ‘sale-stage’ till a transaction happens.

First, the brochure, then the showroom followed by the tour. This leads us to research and reading reviews before deciding on whether or not we want to invest money for a new vehicle.

Now, let’s dissect what just happened there. The brochure… what did it do there… what was its job? We know that it provides information about the product, contact number and an address. Which means that, the information is to pique interest and start the process of connecting a business to us, simply.

Next, the showroom allows a place for us to test drive the vehicles. This lets us access how good the cars are.

Now, this is where it gets interesting…

Once we leave the showroom with that fresh experience, it’s natural to start gathering information and reviews from several sources – public reviews, family, friends and even other customers’ reviews before beginning to feel right about this big buying decision.

Heck, the salesman might even blast an SMS or two to remind you of their standing attractive offers.

What does this long process tell us about marketing a business not just in Malaysia, but anywhere?

It reveals that there are processes in place at every junction in the sales pipeline. All of which either bring the prospect to move closer or further from the sale. The brochure prompts us to take the first step towards the showroom. The showroom leads us to a test drive… you get the idea.

So the next time you market a business, make the best of your tools to bring your prospect closer to a buying decision.

If it is clear concise messages or short reminders, use SMS.

If images are vital to showcase your products, such as designs and fashion accessories, use MMS.

If you need to specify time, dates and a bulk information, use email.

And if you need all of the above, use ALL of them in sequence. Because it can be a formidable combination.

This brings to mind the campaigns we often run in Malaysia with this all-powerful combination. It is best used on large groups – when there’s an extensive network of audience that needs constant reminders of your brand and products.
So, the next time you decide on the platform to market your business – EDM, MMS or SMS marketing, you do not expect to trump your way into any deal.

Instead of jumping the gun (and jumping up and down), you make the best of every stage. Patience and process prevails.

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