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Yes. It is that time to bring up a dicey little topic involving our habits. We all have formed habits over time – some good, some bad – most of which can be pretty defining, if you know what I mean.

Habits offer a glimpse into the stuff you and I are made of.

This thing about habits is that they put us on a trajectory of sorts. Incidentally, to a destination which the particular habit promises. For instance, if you are into the healthy habit of exercise, your habit puts you on the path to a better beach body and better agility.

On the flipside, the bad habit of overindulging on Netflix and social media will undoubtedly lead to wasting loads of time, time which could have been spent on getting things done, time that can never be earned back.

It is because habits are repeated actions, their effects quickly compound and lead to their inevitable outcomes. This is uncannily relatable to how we market a business. We all know that sending a single email to thousands of people is simply not going to generate a flood of sales, no matter how good the email is written, or how targeted the mailing list is.

In order to achieve better sales of products and services, a good marketing habit has to be formed and maintained over time before anything results from it.

That is to say, that touchpoints with prospective customers have to be made regularly. Touchpoints bolster the effectiveness of the previous touchpoints. That is because its effects are compounding. The more engagement, the higher the level of familiarity and trust.

If your email broadcasts have an open rate of approximately 20% and a conversion of 2%.  A timely SMS message could easily result in a higher open rate, effectively boosting conversions.

It is plain cause-and-effect.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you broadcast an SMS to reiterate a promotion that you have already sent via email. It isn’t rocket science that you’ll see more people notified about the promo and more sales. And this is because you have reached out to them via an alternative medium, one which captured their attention better than the previous one – Resulting in user activity, an increase in sales.

Now picture what this SMS Habit would do for the flyers we send out, the Facebook contests we hold, the newspaper ads we place and the word-of-mouth we speak.

SMS, although simple, is many many things indeed. It enhances all your marketing initiatives simply by serving as a reminder, a notice, an additional persuasive voice and even a standalone ad.

So if you are a marketer, be sure to develop a good habit of creating touchpoints. And if you want to really play like a professional, enhance every touchpoint you create with a perfectly-timed SMS. There is no better marketing habit than the SMS Habit.

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