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1. Affordable and straightforward

SMS Marketing is definitely much cheaper than advertising your business through other platforms.

Costing you at $0.05 for each SMS sent, it is a very affordable way of marketing your business. Within the 160 characters, the necessary information has to be convey to the recipients hence the message has to be short and sweet, which also further enhances the chances of them reading the message.


2. Segmentation of recipients

SMS Marketing allows you to send out the messages to targeted group of people of your choice.

Let’s say you are the marketing manager of a cosmetic company, and that your targeted market is female age between 18-40, it allows you to send the message out to the targeted audience. In addition, it helps to reduce your advertising expenses as you would only need to send out the message to the targeted group instead of everyone in general.


3. Engages the recipients

Simply end your message with the link of your social media accounts or websites, it will increase the recipients’ curiosity to find out more about the information.

Moreover, each SMS message is being sent to the customers personally hence it creates direct connection between the business and the customers. In contrast, for advertisements on televisions or magazines, many would just ignore or miss out the advertisement, hence the SMS Marketing will ensure a higher rate of reaching out to all your customers.


4. Direct connection with the customers

Unlike emails, SMS does not have to battle against junks or other filters. Similarly for social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram, where people could just scroll through the feed and skip promotions posted by the company, SMS Marketing ensures that all your customers will receive the information directly and instantly.


5. Environmental friendly

Forget about printing posters, flyers or having huge banners or signboard to promote your products/services, they are not only costly but also wasting our resources!

I believe most of you after receiving flyers at the street, the very next moment you will be looking for dustbin. SMS marketing is convenient and it is also ‘green’! Save the earth, being socially responsible will attracts more customers too!

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