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Pokémon GO has been bringing a whole lot of business to some places in Singapore.

A notable location will have to be the block 401 coffee shop at Hougang – Just across Punggol Park where Gyarados, Charizard and Snorlax have been sighted.

And since there’s 3 closely positioned Poké Stops in the area, it’s a great place to gather a good loot of Poké balls while hunting for rare Pokémon.

… And not to mention the almost perpetual lures, bringing in a steady flow of Pokémon and experience points.

When it comes to marketing, wouldn’t it be superb if you could set Lures to attract your target customers into your store?

As it turns out, retail stores can actually ‘set lures’ to tempt potential customers into visiting their outlet.

This is done by a marketing method called Location-based advertising. Whereby businesses can notify targeted SingTel users in a specific district or building of promotions or sales campaigns – catching the attention of these users who are nearby.

This comes as huge news because marketing dollars and cents are  being spent on the right people, and also at the right places now. Apparently super effective for events and roadshows that want to boost foot traffic.

So if you are considering deploying a ‘Lure Module’ for your business…

and would like to attract the most qualified potential customers…

In the right locations…

Consider Location-based advertising. Its reliability is backed by a powerhouse of a Telecommunications company, you get to leverage on the extra volume SmsDome provides…

And most importantly your business entices the right Poké… err…I mean People.

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