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As the generations go by, the growth of mobile phones is increasing at an exponential rate. People are becoming ever more reliant on their mobile phones.

According to a recent TIME Mobility Poll:
84% of people surveyed worldwide said that they couldn’t go a day without their mobile device in hand.

People have their eyes locked on their phone screens everywhere! Be it on public transportation, during school hours, and even while crossing the street!

And if you are identifying serious ways to market your business, then this ‘Phone Attachment Syndrome’ might actually be the wave you wanna ride on.


1. The Ability to Accurately Reach the right People

SMS messaging makes it easy to zoom in onto your target market and to conduct direct marketing communication with a wide array of consumers. This maximizes your scope of marketing and reinforces relationships with existing ones.


2. Effective Two-Way Communications

Mobile marketing can be deemed as a ‘familiar’ way of communication.  This is because customers are almost always on their phones.

If two-way communication can be established, loyal customers can engage their favorite brands to build stronger relationships with them (hassle-free) and through an extremely comfortable mode of communication.


3. Cost Effective Marketing

Marketing with SMS has a much lower cost per mile as compared to traditional marketing channels.

Preparation costs are lower due to integration with other media channels -TV, radio, print, and also the current burning trend, social media.


4. Improved Time Relevance

The friendly nature of mobile devices provides more timely communications than any other channel.

The use of mobile tools enable informality and spontaneity to support conversations that rarely existed in traditional marketing. And while it may seems that the average response rate for SMS messages is significantly less than that of most traditional forms of contact, it actually is able to enhance the quality of marketing by engaging only with highly qualified prospects.


5. Location Awareness

Knowing your target market’s geographic location provides both proximity data and contextual information.

These are critical details in efficient marketing towards your customers, such as regional promotions or live local events. Location-based-advertising – no doubt at its infancy, is a form of marketing which is truly dynamic is many vital aspects.

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