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Question of the century: Why do businesses have difficulty generating leads?

Think about it. A leading fast-food chain is serving 68 million customers daily while companies are struggling to get enough leads to hit their sales target for the month.

What if I told you that there is a way to hit a huge volume of consumers daily, would you be interested?

You see, text messages are able to reach consumers at a nation-wide level simultaneously. Also, they have approximately 97% open rate. The remaining 3% of phone users either owns a classic 1970s phone or just cannot be bothered.

Just imagine, that’s like hitting 9 pins out of 10 in bowling and the last one still wobbling.

Higher the spread of word, higher the awareness, higher the number of leads and therefore sales.

Businesses can rake up astounding figures by launching strategic mobile marketing campaigns to engage the right pools of people. And if you’re still wondering what has this got to do with fast-food chains, think about how many loyal customers their constant engagement through marketing activities has got them.

so if you’d like to being your business to newer heights, consider exploring an option that is often overlooked by marketers – SMS Marketing to Highly Targeted Pools of Consumers.

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