"1-for-1 meal offer! 5 mins walk away..."

Advertise directly to crowds in your targeted Buildings & Locations

Location Based Advertising

Broadcast Your Message to SingTel Users in Specific Buildings, Malls, MRT stations, and more!
Perfect For Your:
  • Live Roadshows
  • Event Awareness
  • Retail Promotions
  • Product Launches
  • Lunch/dinner crowds
  • Trade Shows / IT Fairs
Target Your Audience by:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • District
  • Housing type
  • Real-time location

Broadcast Your Message in Strategic Locations all over Singapore

  • Shopping Malls
  • Outdoor Zone
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • MRT/ LRT Stations
  • Petrol Stations
  • Schools
  • Postal Codes
  • Hospital / Polyclinics
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Market During Perfect Moments.

Create touch-points with the correct consumer crowds at perfect timings. Learn what types of promotions your target demographics respond to best with Location based advertising (Singapore only).

  • Meal-time discounts for lunch & dinner crowds
  • Coffee promotions during lunch hours
  • Notifications of nearby IT / food / game expos
  • Seminars and tradeshows announcements
  • Flash sales for retail stores and pushcarts

Target Locations

Select up to 10 Broadcast locations! Zero-in on locations best for marketing  your type of services and products with LBA.

Campaign Duration

LBA allows your marketing message to be delivered to targeted SingTel users up to over a span of 7 consecutive working days.

Broadcast Radius

Not only people in target buildings and areas will receive your message, users within a 5-10 meters radius will get notified too!


Q: If I have a store/outlet at Takashimaya, will I be able to reach people at Wisma Atria?
A: Yes, with Location Based Advertising, you may target 5 -10 locations within 1 broadcast. If one of the locations you are targeting is Wisma Atria, Singtel users that are within the vicinity (of 5-10 meters radius) will receive the SMS. You can have your broadcast distributed evenly over 1 week.

Q: Is there an LBA trial or sample package?
A: While there are no trials for this service. We’d suggest giving Database Marketing a try to access the effectiveness. You are able to reach out to specific profiles who live, (as opposed to are) in specific areas. This gives the best proximate to a live-location trigger.

Q: What profiles can I target with LBA?
A: You can target by: Age / gender / Ethnic group. SingTel subscribers in the target vicinity will receive your SMS.

Q: If multiple merchants in the same vicinity employ LBA, wouldn’t it be extremely invasive for SingTel Subscribers?
A: Broadcasts are scheduled to avoid clashing with one another. Secondly, different merchants target different demographics.

Q: What about users from other telcos and most importantly what else should I take note of?
A: With this service, you can reach users from Singtel, and through us, you’ll get to enjoy 10% more volume and a value-added perk. Contact with the form below for pricing details.

Q: What does “Additional 10%  Volume” mean?
Broadcast to 10K recipients in Ang Mo Kio hub area
Receive another 1K additional bonus for free.
Recipients: Total broadcast count 11K

Order today and get +10% bonus volume (Only through SmsDome)

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