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Email marketing has risen as one of the most popular ways to market to existing customers in Singapore, and also to entice new business. And all this is happening while SMS seemingly takes backstage.

With email being used heavily for personal purposes, it’s really no wonder that while at work we predictably resort to what we are most familiar with,  good old trusty email, while SMS on the other hand comes across as dated technology that has no place in the future of flying cars and artificial intelligence.

But the crux of the matter is that despite the general consensus about the perceived effectiveness of email, reports often reveal the uncomfortable truth consisting of open and click rates that don’t exactly shine in comparison with SMS at all.

SMS on the other hand provides businesses with a 90% open rate, within 3 minutes of broadcasting no less.

Now, if email was to garner such an open rate, we’ll all be going gangbusters. And yet, many businesses insist on ignoring SMS altogether because of a belief that it’s dated tech; some go as far as to even try to advertise on channels such as Whatsapp; coming across as intrusive.

But you see, the solution really is not to find the best broadcasting method and milk it for all its worth, but to use broadcasting methods variably and strategically. Simply because different people have their own preferences for how they receive and consume information.

By ignoring SMS, marketers leave a legion of SMS users untouched, and the same goes for email, WhatsApp and any other forms of mail for all that matter.

On top of that, broadcasting methods have to be used smartly too! Use SMS for short messages, MMS for displaying new products with brief messages, and email for delivering comprehensive details.

The idea is really to understand the nature of a broadcasting method and what people are most happy to use it for!

So the next time you are wondering what broadcasting method to use. Remember, we’ve said it and we’ll say it again, there is no perfect marketing method, only perfect marketing methods.

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