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“…these are optimal times for businesses to make themselves standout from the competition…”

A new year is here and so is the next wave of festive periods and the holidays that gleefully come along with them. But it’s not the only thing that’s being ushered in isn’t it? Flashy ads around town, vibrant public transport vehicles, and not to mention the blitz of offers from retailers and online stores are ushered in as well.

If you think about it, these are optimal times for businesses to make themselves standout from the competition by showcasing their creativity with vibrant artwork and enticing headlines.

It does begs the question though, should businesses be marketing with a heightened intensity during the festive parts of the year when everything is abuzz? Wouldn’t it be annoying to consumers, or for other businesses that are receiving increasingly more offers?

Well one thing’s for sure, if your brand isn’t being seen and heard, then chances are your competitor’s are. The only difference is if they are seen by the right people. So make use of these 3 principles to keep your festive marketing on point.

#1: Market with relevance.

“There is always a vital time for a business to strive to be more visible…”

If you were to be marketing during the festive periods, keep relevant to avoid being seen as a nuisance. Just as a women’s fashion retailer directs its marketing efforts at ladies during festive occasions, a renovation contractor may target newlyweds during property launches. There is always a vital time for a business to strive to be more visible than their competitors in order to maximize profitability.

A well segmented list of contacts enables you to identify different groups that would require your services during different occasions, allowing you to invest marketing budgets in the right places. And if you don’t have a segmented list, fret not, you can still utilize targeted marketing to connect your business to the right crowds during the right periods.

#2: Solve problems or to add value.

…an offer that feels right.”

When broadcasting any promotional content, be sure that your offer is useful to the recipient. Solve a specific problem or add value, in relation to the occasion.

As the above example, the women’s fashion retailer gives their target demographic the option of getting an outfit for the upcoming occasion, an offer that feels right. Remember, pushing an awesome deal at a bad time would result in equally bad results – So make your offers fit the occasion, or even the location.

#3: Maintain the tonality of your brand.

“… during normal days and those more spirited times.”

Many companies maintain a professional tone in order to build an image of reliability and suddenly transform to something cheery as a muppet prancing along Sesame Street during X’mas. This sets up a weird precedent for future marketing communications.

That being the case, it’s more meaningful to maintain your brand’s tonality during normal days and those more spirited times. This not only builds on the company’s identity; giving it character, it also fosters familiarity with customers and prospects.



Businesses should continue promotional efforts during festive seasons, but only to the right groups of people with highly relevant offers. Optimally, this is to be done whilst maintaining brand tonality throughout the year to nurture a stronger brand identity.