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Location based advertising has been used mainly to attract walk-in customers and foot-traffic for retail outlets, food places, and live events. But some companies find creative uses for it. And when they do, amazing results follow.
1. Direct Job Recruitment (Head Hunting)
To attract more fresh grads for job positions in a Hotel, messages can be broadcasted to students in the vicinity of relevant schools (eg: SHATEC – Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre).
“Because broadcasts can be targeted at specific age groups, students can be targeted based on their age range.”
This allows Hotels to make an impression with students in the most relevant educational institutes – Priming them to consider future job opportunities at the Hotel.
2. Student Care Enrollment
Student care businesses focus on acquiring students to their fullest capacity. Often attempting to make connections or partnerships with nearby educational institutes. But when faced with stiff competition, acquiring students can pose as a challenge – because avenues being explored has already been made used of by earlier competitors.
“A way to even begin building some sort of brand awareness is to capture the attention of the right crowds during the right timings.”
Broadcasting live shout-outs to student parents during times when they are picking up their children from school can establish an instant increased awareness for the business – leading to a better influx of future enrollments.
3. Condominium Showroom Viewing
Property developers are able to target home viewers at competitor showrooms with LBA.
“Only with Location Based Ads, are property developers able to target home viewers at competitor showrooms. But of course, knowledge of viewing time slots will be crucial”
And since home viewers at competitor showrooms are already invested in searching for a new home, the broadcasts will be effective in pulling crowds from one showroom to another. This conveniently provides value to home viewers with the utility of more buying choices.
4. Live Referral Campaigns
Acquiring referrals can be highly effective for getting new customers. It encourages sharing among friends which had the potential to cascade onto social media.
“Broadcasting messages that are relevant to your target’s location makes a world of difference in the impressions you make, and the follow-up actions taken”
When consumers are offered instant gratification, such as a free cup of coffee when they make 3 referrals, the success rate is highly increased because of the high (location and time) relevance of the message.
That is to say, location plays a huge role on how your consumers respond. It really does not matter if you are a budding brand or a seasoned industry player, if the relevance is high, consumers will naturally be more compelled to respond.
And there you go, 4 extremely creative uses for location based advertising to add to your list of marketing ideas. We hope it provides you with better ideas on marketing your business, or appealing to the right crowds – at the right place too, of course!
By now, you should be able to see that LBA works in a multitude of ways, and this method of marketing really just leverages on user-locations and the relevance of the offer.
To launch your own Location Based Advertising campaign, send us a message here. We would love to share more about how your industry players are leveraging on this marketing strategy – with results.

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