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  • To develop a personal and long-lasting relationship with each of their customers, as a part of their customer satisfaction strategy
  • To keep in touch with their customers to show the customers care and appreciation for their continued loyalty and business


Adonis wanted a service that is simple, effective and will reach the majority of their customers. They chose to use SmsBox to help them reach out to their customers by sending personalized birthday greetings to each individual on their birthdays. Each birthday SMS informs the Adonis customer about special birthday discounts and services available to the customer and their friends for the duration of one month.


Adonis surprised their customers with the simple gesture of a personalized birthday SMS greeting. The majority of customers responded positively to the campaign and enjoyed the special birthday discounts and services offered during their birthday month. Most of all, customers felt appreciated because Adonis recognized and valued each of them by making them feel extra special on their special day.

An instant increase in sales marked the success of the personalized birthday SMS campaign. The special discounts and services offered on the birthday SMS were extremely popular and most customers had made full use of them. Both Adonis and their customers had gained much from the service.