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We’ve all received many types of marketing texts (SMS) from time to time. And if you would notice, some companies go the extra mile to have their company names listed as the sender ID – This is known as a branded SMS.

While branded SMS messages might seem like a better choice when launching a mobile marketing campaign, the opposite might be the actual case more often than not.

So the question I pose to you today is – Does having a branded SMS boost credibility to your message?

Well, the answer is actually ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

To demonstrate this, let’s take a marketing SMS from Coca-Cola for instance.

If we were to receive a marketing SMS from Coca-Cola, we’d probably not think much about it and be quite receptive to the message. Heck, we might even sign up for a chance to win that year’s supply of Coke by answering something real difficult like “What color is Red?”

And then there’s this scenario:

What if you were to receive an SMS from XYZ Cola, offering you a similar 1 year supply of XYZ Cola if you won in the lucky draw?

Chances are this idea would get sorted into your brain’s recycle bin – before you even imagine how awesome it would be with a year’s supply of FREE XYZ cola and a handful of Mentos.

Did you notice? Because of the lack of familiarity, we can react differently to the same content. That’s why great branding is imperative in any business. So, the idea is that branded SMS messages tend to work better if your brand has already achieved a level of awareness in the market.

But picture this now…

What if Coca-Cola were to recommend XYZ-Cola to you?

Does XYZ-Cola seem easier to accept now? I mean, after all Coke is pretty tasty and surely they would only recommend beverages which are worthy of mentioning right?

So if your brand hasn’t gained sufficient awareness, consider riding on the recommendation of well-established companies. At SmsDome, have just the solution for you.

Not only you are able to send an SMS to SingTel’s database of mobile phone users, the message will be sent with SingTel as the Sender ID – recommending your products or services to their massive database.

And what better company to have recommended by than a well-established household name like SingTel themselves?

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