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SimplyBlast: Broadcast Mass WhatsApp Messages

SimplyBlast allows your business to create touchpoints with consumers over their preferred messaging application, gaining an advantage over competitors.

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What is SimplyBlast?

Mass Communication via WhatsApp is now possible!

SimplyBlast is a user-friendly WhatsApp platform that allows your business to broadcast messages, images and videos via the everyday consumer’s preferred messaging app. Manage your contacts and deploy personalised messages with an easy-to-use interface that is intelligently designed by an award-winning team of industry veterans in mass communications.

Use SimplyBlast to:

  • Create vital touch-points via the consumer’s preferred messaging app
  • Schedule perfectly-timed mass WhatsApp messages
  • Send messages accompanied with images or videos

Navigate through 7 essential sections

  1. Dashboard: Displays a summary of your account activity
  2. Contacts: Organize your contacts, add tags and configure fields
  3. Campaigns: Schedule campaigns and view live status updates
  4. Keyword responder: Create automatic replies to specific keywords
  5. Inbox: View all incoming messages
  6. Outbox: View all broadcasted messages
  7. Settings: Account configurations, user management and more
simplyblast-Organize Your Contacts & Add Tags

Your Contacts Neatly Organized

Tags are labels that you can generate to arrange your contacts in an orderly manner.

You can personalize your contact organization within SimplyBlast, and assign labels to your contacts based on your knowledge of them. The customization options are flexible and enables you to create and assign them as per your requirements.

simplyblast-Clean Mobile Numbers

Clean Mobile Numbers

This feature uses algorithms to scan and analyze phone numbers in your contact list, checking for common errors such as incorrect formats, or duplicate entries.

Once these errors are identified, the feature will automatically remove them.

simplyblast-Add Fields for Personalised Messaging

Add Fields for Personalised Messaging

Information about contacts is stored in personalised fields and can be seen in the contact list.

Edit the fields to meet your needs through our personalised fields in your SimplyBlast account.

simplyblast-Personalise Broadcasts and Add Follow-up Messages

Up to 10 Follow-up Messages

You can send up to 10 automated follow-up messages within 23 hours – at no additional costs.

By sending follow-up messages, you can increase the likelihood that your recipient will take action on your message, leading to more sales!

simplyblast-Set Automatic Replies to Specific Keywords

Set Automatic Replies to Specific Keywords

One feature that could be particularly helpful for businesses is the ability to automatically respond to certain keywords.

This feature would work by allowing businesses to set up a list of keywords that, when detected in a message, would trigger an automatic response. For example, if a customer sends a message that contains the word “hours”, the business could set up an automatic response that provides their hours of operation.

simplyblast-PDPC Compliance

PDPC Compliance

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is a Singaporean law that governs the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data by organizations.

WhatsApp, being a popular messaging platform used by many Singaporeans, must comply with the PDPA – SimplyBlast’s unsubscription management allows you to adhere to PDPA laws.

Best WhatsApp Marketing Solution to Enhance Communications Capabilities

Send up to 1,200 WhatsApp messages per minute!

Broadcast vital information with media to thousands at a click of a button.

  • Personalised alerts
  • Notifications
  • Confirmations
  • Event reminders
  • Information requests
  • Attendance tracking
  • Managing reservations
  • Logistics communications
  • Surveys
  • Member authentications

Kind Word From Our Customers


“Campaigns which turned out to be a success each time”

Jaden Lee
Senior Marcom Executive
Bioskin Holdings Pte Ltd


“high level of service and commitment to delivery ”

Sandy Goh
Director, Regional Agent Trade Marketing
PropertyGuru Pte Ltd

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“SmsDome proved to be trustworthy and speedy.”

Aileen Seet
Marketing Manager
Triumph International

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