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Try Leh Marketing Service

Dragon Deals Publication By Try Leh

Try Leh Admail Distribution is a service which assembles advertisements from multiple brands into a coupon booklet which is distributed to households in strategic areas – You can choose to distribute your advertisement to HDBs, Condominiums or Landed properties in the North, East and West regions of Singapore.

  • E-voucher distribution
  • Thematic Admail (Coupon booklet)

Distributing to 210,000 households in total!

Try Leh will be releasing issue #12 before the Lunar New Year of 2024. This campaign will ride on the wave of the oncoming CNY shopping season where nationwide consumer spending is in a hyper-active state.

Advertisers that participate can maximize their year end marketing reach to shoppers in search for CNY goods and necessities.

Distributing to:

  • HDB 150,000 units
  • Condo 30,000 units
  • Landed 30,000 units

Delivered Cost-Effectively & Reliably by SingPost

Your advertisement will be distributed to a good mixture of new and matured HDB Estates in Singapore. This gives your business a reach to 210k households!

  • North
  • East
  • West
  • Premium (Landed properties)
  • Exclusive (Condominiums)

Brand Visibility in Festive Marketing Campaigns of every Special Occasion!

Ignite brand exposure during festive and special occasions with the TryLeh! Thematic Admail. By appearing on a shared medium with many well-known names, brands get to leverage on the popularity of each other.

Previous Issues:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    2. Thematic Admail

    Q: How many pages of ad space are available per booklet?
    A: There is a maximum of 26 pages available for advertisers to display their ads

    Q: How many pages of ads can I purchase?
    A: You may purchase a maximum of 4 pages per booklet per area (North, east, west).

    Q: How are the coupon booklets distributed?
    A: Booklets are distributed via Singpost’s Admail service to ensure reliable delivery.

    Q: What area do Premium distribution cover?
    A: Premium distribution covers the North, East and West areas of Singapore, and is distributed to 45,000 Condominium units.

    Q: How do I check which page numbers are available?
    A: You may refer to the e-booklets below to select the page numbers you would like to reserve.

    Try Leh Admail Digital Copies

    Issue #9 (NDP 2023) – Fully-booked

    Issue #8 (Tampines Mega Offer) – Fully-booked

    Issue #7 (Lunar New Year 2023) – Fully-booked

    Issue #6 (Year End Sale 2022) – Fully-booked

    Issue #5 (National Day 2022) – Fully-booked

    Issue #4 (Mother’s Day 2022) – Fully-booked

    Issue #3 (End of Year Sale 2021) – Fully-booked

    Issue #2 (Black Friday 2021) – Fully-booked

    Issue #1 (NDP 2021) – Fully-booked