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Influencer Marketing by Sample Store

Influencer marketing primes audiences to become more receptive towards your brand and future product or service launches. It works in specific stages, with each stage progressing towards the main objective of establishing a strong brand awareness, leading to robust sales volumes.

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A Multi-pronged Marketing Plan

Your campaign begins by having your products or services presented by Influencers to their large pool of followers. This creates Online buzz and generates plenty of positive member reviews. Leverage on a wide network of influencer followers to build a mighty presence in your market.

  • Awareness Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Launch
  • Campaign Highlights
  • Product Sales
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Maximize Sales with Plenty of Positive Reviews

Generate hordes of SampleStore member reviews. Product or services reviews then become a source of information that lead consumers to a buying decision. Even when the campaign ceases, Online content that is created remains as a source of information for future customers.

Your Brand Highlighted by Star Influencers

Profile - Aylna Neo - 1

Aylna Neo
Beauty Influencer

Having worked with plenty of beauty brands – Aylna is known for her bubbly personality and her penchant for sharing beauty secrets.

Profile - Felicia Yeo - 1

Felicia Yeo
Sample Store Editor

Felicia, a fantastic writer who runs a lifestyle & beauty blog, where she documents her musings about life and shares beauty tips.

Profile - Celine Leong - 1

Celine Leong
Medical Director

Celine has been practicing aesthetic medicine since 2010, and loves sharing about the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine.

Profile - Vanessa Chia - 1

Vanessa Chia
Contributing Beauty Editor

As the former beauty director of Elle, Vanessa now runs a website where she provides reviews of beauty products.

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