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SPBA 2016 – Established Brands

To all our Customers,

The previous time we said that we were shooting for the stars, we meant it with all our hearts.

This year, We are delighted to be recipients of the SPBA Established Brands Award 2016 by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) and Lianhe Zaobao.

This little victory has got us all jumping up and down in celebration. And it’s little victories as such which jolts us out of our daily grind – allows us to slow down a little – to indulge in this particularly satisfying sense of achievement, and to ponder upon what it took for us to reach here.

And of course, along with achievement, comes appreciation. And if it’s one thing we’ve learned in over a decade of SMS marketing, it’s that we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in the industry without the continual support of you, our clients and partners.

So we thank you from the where our promises are made – the bottom of our hearts, and will surely strive to be of a better service to you, giving you Instant Targeted Reach, by connecting your business to your markets – simply.

To the little pleasures in life!