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Event Objectives:
  • To raise funds in support of persons with disabilities;
  • To promote inclusion in Singapore; and
  • To raise awareness of SPD and its charitable cause
Marketing Objective:
  • To increase the number of participants in the virtual run
Rationale & Solution:

As this was a charity event, the proposed solution was to perform assorted broadcasts to various demographics through 2 channels – SMS and email.

This allowed the message to be disseminated evenly among working adults in several districts. Social media engagement for the charitable event was encouraged by SPD with the hashtag #SPDVirtualRun2017. The broadcasts act as a catalyst for event awareness to spread via social media.

  • Database Rental
    • SMS
    • Email
  • SMS broadcasts are targeted at:
    • Age: 24 – 55
    • Ethnic group: All
    • Housing type: All
  • Email broadcast are targeted at:
    • Business owners
    • C-level directors, managers & executives

The charity event received a wider reach, furthering the number of people who sign up as participants.