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Send and receive SMS messages globally with an SMS API Made For Your Businesses

Programmable SMS for Your Business Operations

SMS API Services

With our SMS API solutions, you can trigger SMS notifications from your:

  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Product
  • And much more…

This improves communication across all touchpoints on your customer’s journey, and helps build customer loyalty by increasing engagement and providing a medium for after-sales updates.

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API example 5

Limitless Customization Options

Customize the way your business SMS notifications are triggered.

  • SMS Notification service
  • One-time-password (OTP) service
  • Delivery Notice service
  • SMS Verification service
  • Etc.

From feedback channels to one-time-passwords (OTPs), SMS APIs allows you to take full control of your customer communications instantly. Have your message delivered to the right people during the right moments – automatically.

Preferred by Developers Worldwide

Start sending messages within moments SMS APIs that developers love. Made and designed for quick integration into your existing business systems.

  • Clear and Concise documentation
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs) of your preferred choice
  • Easy-to- follow Quick Start Guide
  • 100 FREE SMS Credits to start blasting immediately
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Best Delivery Rates and Quality in the Industry

1. Fast & Secure Delivery

Have your vital messages delivered with impeccable timing. Direct-to-carrier network ensures that your messages are delivered reliably.

2. Superior Delivery Rates

Because communications is a vital part of your company’s operations, our systems utilize the fastest and most secure routes for you.

3. Cost Effective

Streamline budgets by receiving SMS messages for Free. Your easy access to 24 hour support for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What guides are provided?
A: There are 4 guides available.

  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide
  • HTTP API User Guide
  • Email-2-SMS API User Guide

Q: Can I implement SMS alerts for my queue and appointment systems?
A: Yes you can. Our SMS API let’ you create SMS triggers in all sorts of systems, across all platforms – to be able to semd personalized SMS messages automatically.

Q: Why can I acquire the AppID and Secret Key?
A: Simply drop us a message, along with some details of your project and we’ll respond with the AppID and Secret Key.