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Nestia In-App Marketing

The Nestia App functions as a one-stop lifestyle hub for users. It includes access to common utilities ranging from property to retail. Through the App, your business can reach out to the right audience.

The app gives users access to services related to:

  • News
  • Transportation
  • Lottery
  • Property
  • Job seeking
  • Umbrella sharing
  • And much more…
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Nestia - App distribution in Singapore

Your Island-Wide Branding Campaign

Nestia has an island-wide reach in Singapore, with more than 150,000 Daily-Active-Users distributed evenly throughout virtually all key districts.

Achieve rapid awareness for your brand, perfect for:

  • New product launches
  • Festive Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Referral Campaigns

Build a Mass Appeal For Your Brand

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4 Types of Ads to Choose From

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any promotional rates for Nestia during this period?
A: Yes. From now till Aug 31st 2019, the following promotions are available through our Consultants.

  • $50 off all Nestia Ads
  • Including Umbrella and In-App
  • Only for first-time Nestia advertisers
  • Minimum spend of $1,000

Enquire to learn more advertising and pricing options!

Q: What industries are best suited to market to Nestia?
A: Nestia is an App which encompasses a highly comprehensive list of utilities which consumers frequently make use of. From property to F&B and even lottery, businesses looking to build a high brand awareness can find this advertising medium highly relevant to their marketing goals.