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Luna Park Media Marketing Service

Luna Park Media Advertising for Business

The Luna Park Media database holds over 500,000 Singapore consumer profiles. Consumer data is renewed and updated consistently to ensure accuracy, and meet PDPA standards. This marketing service enables you to deploy marketing messages to consumer pools which fit your criteria of a qualified business prospect, thus maximizing your marketing budget.


Luna Park Media Lead Generation

This targetability allows your business to zero-in onto demographics which are most inclined to require your business’s products or services – cost effectively.

Available Delivery Methods:

  • SMS

1. Basic Profile Targeting

Age Range

  • 18 and above

  • Male
  • Female
Residential Status

  • Singapore citizen
  • Singapore PR
  • Employment pass holders
  • S pass holders
  • Work permit holders
Ethnic Group

  • Malay
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Others

2. Premium Profile Targeting

Income Level

  • $2,500 monthly
  • $5,000 monthly
Marital Status

  • Single
  • In a relationship
  • Married
Credit Card Holders

  • Credit card users
  • Non-credit card users
Property Type

  • HDB residence
  • Private estate
  • Commercial property
Postal code

  • First 2 digits of postal code

  • Beauty
  • Smoking habit
Car Ownership

  • Car owners
  • Non car owners


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Are all databases DNC checked?
    A: Yes, before we broadcast your message to your target audience, the database is checked for DNC listed numbers beforehand. All DNC registered entries are removed.