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Kiasu Parents Advertising for Business is a website and online forum dedicated to the Singapore parent community. With approximately 180,000 registered members and more than 200,000 unique visitors per month, the Kiasu Parent community engages in discussions regarding parenting. Here, you can advertise your business to the Kiasu Parents forum members.

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Topics Discussed in the Kiasu Parent Community

The Kiasu Parents community actively engages in discussion on topics related to parenthood, from PSLE results to tuition centres, topics include:

  • School registrations
  • School rankings
  • Enrichment classes
  • Recommended tutors
  • Special needs resources
  • Child psychology
  • And much more!
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About the Kiasu Parent Database


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Advertise to both the Singapore & Malaysia Parent Community

Bring your business directly to the Parent Communities in both Singapore & Malaysia, who actively engage in discussions about products and services related to children. Introduce your products & services to more than 180,000 fathers and mothers with children below 16 years of age with mass email marketing.

  • 127,500 Singaporeans
  • 22,500 Malaysians


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