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Send attractive images, content and links to your target consumer-pools

Database Marketing:

MMS (Blast Broadcast) Advertising

Achieve instant targeted reach for your business with MMS.

Broadcast your message to targeted customer-pools during precise timings, and captivate your audience with vibrant images of promotions, sent right into the palms of their hands.

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High Open Rate

MMS messages are opened within moments of delivery. It’s a versatile means of business communication if you want your messages to be seen.

Increased Length Text

MMS messaging allows significantly longer messages which makes it an effective method of communication. Say more with 1,000 characters!

Rich Multimedia

MMS supports images, videos and audio in your message. This higher level of personalisation delivers voice messages add more context to your message.

Visual Appeal

Send out MMS messages to attract the prospects with vibrant images or funky videos. Relying on the rich multimedia content can convert them into leads.


MMS messages sent to you can be shared with anyone from your contact list. You can forward an MMS to multiple recipients at the same time.

Cost Effective

MMS messages work on both feature phones and smart phones. Recipients do not need to download the message or an application to access the content.

Access the most Current Business Registries

Reach out to  ACRA & Caveat registries. Target your audience based on clearly defined segments and have the capability to reach out to unique pools of occupations, such as property agents, business owners and interests groups.

Deliver vibrant images featuring your products or services to your selected consumer pools with MMS blast broadcasts. You can also include a personalized message after the MMS image.

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Available Opt-in Networks (DNC Cleared)

Deliver by:
  • SMS
  • MMS
Database size: ~9,000,000
Countries: Malaysia
Database: Subscribers
Database partner - Amicus - 1
Deliver by:
Database size: ~500,000
Countries: Singapore
Database: Subscribers

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