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Send vibrant and information-rich EDMs to your target demographics

Database Marketing:

Email (Blast Broadcast) Advertising

Deliver detailed information to money-in-hand consumers with Email blasts (eDM) during the most optimal time-frames. Best deployed with SMS and MMS blasts for effective lead generation results.

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Global Reach

There are no boundaries with email marketing. Reach out to the right people with your targeted emails in real-time.


Email marketing is interactive. Include videos, graphics, quizzes, games or anything that attract your targeted prospect. It pushes your message.

Information Spreading

To forward an email takes seconds or in just a few clicks and many users are doing it. That means, your email blast will reach to a wider pool of networks.

Easy To Track

Track your email blast via analytics, unsubscribers, click through rates and bounce messages. These information can be used to measure the responses.

Environmentally Friendly

Send email messages to your customer base in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner by reducing your carbon footprint and going digital.

Cost Effective

Email marketing requires no print or postage costs thus costs are lower than other marketing channels. You can easily track and evaluate your emails too.

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Visually Appealing Marketing Rich in Content – For Your Business

Build excitement with your vibrant and detailed messages. You can keep your customers informed of your workshop details or event updates through their emails.

  • Send links to landing pages
  • launch referral programs
  • Event Invites
  • Newsletters
  • And much more!

Market Your Business to Specific Consumer Pools – Islandwide!


SingTel Subscribers


Starhub Subscribers


SingPost Subscribers

Market your business to the user base of Singapore’s largest Telecommunication companies and postal service. Connect your business to massive networks of subscribers from a wide spectrum of different industries, age groups, income levels, districts, and much more!

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Appeal to the Singapore & Malaysia Parent Community





Bring your business directly to the Parent Communities in both Singapore & Malaysia, who actively engage in discussions about products and services related to children. Introduce your products & services to more than 200,000 fathers and mothers with children aged 1 to 21.

Available Opt-in Networks (DNC Cleared)

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