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Automate notifications and processes - capabilities integrated into your existing systems

We Program SMS to Your Needs

Your Automated SMS alerts

Trigger your scheduled reminders, event invitations, mass notifications and much more – in the most direct way possible.

Your Identity Authentications

Send a one-time-passwords via automated SMS broadcasts, or through other mediums. You choose your method of communication.

Your Data Security

Enable your company to hold high data-security levels, while enjoying SMS broadcasting capabilities of a cloud-based solution tailored only for your business.
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Integrates Seamlessly into Your Business

Request and grant data seamlessly

Have your messages delivered over multiple systems.

Automated tasks

Streamline your communications systems.

Enjoy The Best Delivery Rate in the Industry.

1. Fast & Secure Delivery

Have your vital messages delivered with impeccable timing. Direct-to-carrier network ensures that your messages are delivered reliably.

2. Superior Delivery Rates

Because communications is a vital part of your company’s operations, our systems utilize the fastest and most secure routes for you.

3. Cost Effective

Streamline budgets by receiving SMS messages for Free. Your easy access to 24 hour support for your needs.

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