The first step of crafting an advert that is effective, especially when it comes to mobile marketing , is understanding who do you NEED to reach. Wrong targeting causes ineffectiveness, annoyance and an obvious waste of money 

While it is crucial for marketers to be clear with our offer, call to actions and objectives, what we want to have is make memorable impressions. What we want is not a one-time sale – we want recurring customers.  

Human instincts automatically associate one-to-one, so unless we have a right demographic, our target consumers will be repulsed by our messages.  

The idea is simple – you’re hungry, so would you rather be brought to an eatery or would you rather head into a boutique? 

With targeting though, it will be telling your hungry friend that “we’re going to have Japanese food. Let’s go” when your friend is wondering what they should eat. 

Targeting is just one of the factors for success. You would need informative and well-crafted content as well.

Today, we’ll be sharing 3 yardsticks that brings success to your SMS messages. Though there are many ways to present the 3 requirements, understanding and implementing the rules will dramatically increase your success in mobile marketing. When SMS advertising is employed as an extension of your campaign tactics, your conversion and sales will increase by leaps and folds. 

…your success in mobile marketing will dramatically increase. When SMS advertising is employed as an extension of your campaign tactics, your conversion and sales will increase by leaps and folds.

The 3 criteria for effective marketing SMS messages are: 

  1. Convey the advertiser’s message clearly 
  1. Appeal to the interests of the recipient 
  1. Have a clear CTA to your marketing objective 

For example: 

From: Le Petite Rotisserie
LP Roast Chicken Delivery
Meal for 2: $25
View Menu: xxx.xx/2xsg
Order now at xxx.xx/2fjl and enjoy 50% disc.
<UN to 9531213 to Unsub>

total character count: 139 

*Why do we have <ADV>? <ADV> is mandated by the Singapore Law to let the receiver know that this is an advertising message under the Spam Control Act. 

  1. Convey the advertiser’s message clearly
  • The brand “LP French” presented as the Sender ID identifies the business. 
  • The type of service Roast Chicken Delivery” is announced prominently in the first line, where it would most probably be read. 
  1. Appeal to the interests of the recipient
  • The message highlights an attractively priced food item, “Meal for 2: $25”, showcasing that there is a cheap food offer. 
  • The “View menu:” link provides the recipient with the added convenience of a straightforward way to access the menu. 
  • enjoy 50% disc.” provides more reason to order from Le Petite Rotisserie. 
  1. Marketing objective
  • View menu here” and “Order now at” are the clear call to actions 

In conclusion, 

160 characters is quite enough to get your message across. We have covered: 

  • Your brand’s name 
  • Service offered 
  • Highlighted your menu item 
  • Provide an easy access menu
  • Showcase your discount offer 

Finally, managing your own expectations is extremely important because Mobile Marketing allows you to reach upon thousands of qualified business lead, however, the conversions are not immediate. 

Your target customers may scoff at your message until hunger grips them and hey, maybe your French roasted chicken starts sounding tantalizing.  

If your messages require explanation or justification, you’re probably doing it wrong. Being clear and succinct helps your customers understand your products and pique their interests 


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