The greatest challenge many businesses face when it comes to marketing is efficiently reaching your target audience. The saturated Singapore market requires marketers to be able to keep good data sets. With limited budget, good sets of quantitative data may be harvested, however, qualitative data gathered through focus groups interviews may be lacking. 

Even if marketers have the means to conduct data-collection exercises, unless they maintain a very well segmented listwill face trouble with the implementation of marketing tactics. There will also be days where your superiors feel that their idea is… well, superior.  

How do we as marketers ensure that we can reach our target audience efficiently? Simple – Dataas mentioned before. 

Then it’s time to take a second look. Does it serve a purpose for the campaign? How dated is the information? 

But what if you have the data, but it does not work? Then its time to take a second look. Does it serve a purpose for the campaign? How dated is the information? 

From experience, many campaigns fail to reach the expected results due to reasons such as reaching the wrong audiences, negligence on exclusion methodology based on the data gathered and lazy targeting practices and this cost a lot of money. An estimate of 517 billion U.S Dollars globally are wasted in advertising in 2020 alone. 

It is important to note user patterns and behaviors as it helps with setting up proper media buy, where the target consumer regularly consume their ads; willing or unwillingly. 

However, one thing for sure is that everyone has a phone and believe it or not, SMS Marketing is one of the more effective methods of marketing as SMS is intimate, it is closer to the user than you think and of course, done with consent, it can be utilized as an important tool for customer retention. Apart from that, SMS has extremely limited word count and this forces writers to keep their messages succinct focusing on key points. 

What if words are not enough to get your message across? As the adage of “a picture paints a thousand words” goes, sometimes you really need pictorial references.  

Mobile Marketing encompasses MMS marketing. With 1000 word limit, 249kb allowed for media upload and 50-word max subject title, the vibrancy of your message will stand out from the rest of your competitors.  

Research shows that humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. 

Why visuals? Visuals saves time. Research shows that humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. 

Also, animated GIF images capture attention, compelling many users to wait for the next frame of animation to happen. Perhaps you can include this in your arsenal of marketing collateral? 

 It is also efficient. You may have to adapt the same copy to several languages for target audiences around the world however, one key visual that you have in your arsenal can be consistent throughout every country’s adaptation.  

As marketers, what are your tips on using data and your methods of harvesting and what were the tactics you employed that yielded great results? Let us know in the comments below! 

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