Caught in the 100-year cycle of pandemics, we live in a world where our survival is dependent on more than just the domestic disruptions. Covid-19 took the world by storm and the Australia bush fires that burned through 26.4 million acres of land are just some of the examples of some negative impact in our economy.

As MP Mr Chan Chun Sing mentioned in his press release on 11th August 2020, our trades and industrial prospect remains bleak, with returning to our pre-COVID 19 worlds forecasted to take more time than we would like to.

Amongst that, he mentioned that our “geopolitical advantage that has allowed Singapore to thrive in the last 50 years has changed,” and with escalating tensions amongst the major powers of the world, we can only hope that destabilized state of our world not worsen.

Whilst it is true that many of our peers have suffered, especially because of COVID-19’s disruption, it is important to note that to drive the numbers up, works must be done, especially in marketing.

Contrary to popular beliefs, marketing is not just sales. Marketing is about informing and educating your customers, levelling the playing field between SMEs and the bigger players, business sustenance, engagement and then finally, new sales.

Here are some marketing tips to add value to your businesses during these times of uncertainty.

1.)    Assure and reassure, then assure them again.

What is a business without customers? Like an engine without fuel, businesses cannot run without customers. Give your customers assurance by engaging them through various platforms, like email updates, social media updates or even SMS messages.

Why SMS messages? A person may not always be on their computers, but they are always on their phones.

2.)    Be their supporter

Pick your customers up! If you are an ad agency or marketing solutions provider, think about helping them pull through, especially those that stuck with you for a long time. Free trials for them to test your product and services out

This tactic boosts your company in the industry, kind of like branding and CSR but for your fellow business owners.

3.)    Creative marketing

Creatively bundle your product with another value-adding expansion at a slightly. Not only will you sell more, but your customers will also appreciate the gesture. 

4.)    Bump it up everywhere

Social media, SMS, Emails and even some ambient ads. Ad buys are significantly cheaper these days and the average ROI for ads has increased. 

5.)    Keep your customers close, your competitors closer

It is simple. Connecting with your competitors brings you insights about them, and perhaps they are doing what you are not. 

Now more than ever, marketers should look to be more aggressive in coming up with strategies and tactics to boost the company’s profile. Many solution providers like us are always here to help.

What do you think about these tips? Share your thoughts and let’s have a discussion going!

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